Top 8 Myths About SEO

Top 8 Myths About SEO

The following are 8 myths regarding search engine optimization.

Unethical SEO or SEO Scam

Nowadays, agencies are running up for making quick money regardless of the client’s needs.  A little amount which is considered nominal to the client is charged. But in fact, clients are paying that money for nothing. Agencies should review the services that their SEO packages would deliver, and their impact on the business. Because Ethical SEO would give a good result within the first months when it’s done in the right way.

Google Will Do the Work For Us

Many Project-owners think that they just need a website and the rest will be done by Google. The actual reality is that Google and other SE are looking for pages with unique content which gives the user the best experience.

SEO is a One Time Thing

Many people think that doing SEO for a month would reap benefits for a long time. Actually, it’s the reverse. SEO needs to be done regularly so that rankings and traffic are sustained.

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The Age of Link Building Is Over

We all know that the old strategy of building a lot of links is over but that does not mean that link building is dead! Actually, link building is working in very specifically, based on quality & with a scaled down approach. In fact, it yields result much faster.

We should rank for a generic keyword

Everybody loves to see his website on top of the list “e-commerce website” when searching a key word like “shopping”. They think it brings them the traffic they want whose orders make their business afloat. First, it’s hard to be ranked the first. Secondly, the lack of intent will lead them to no transactions even if they are ranked on top, and then they will be in a total loss. The best way to overcome this is to generate a variety of keywords that will bring more traffic.

Meta Tags Are Thing Of The Past

Webmasters provide search engines with information about sites using Meta tags.

They describe and give the user an idea of the content of a page.

There are 3 parts composing the Meta tag: Title, Description and Keywords.

These tags have a key role in getting the rankings for the website.

My website has enough content. Why should I push more content then?

The lack of fresh content on your website would hurt the results and it would be so hard to recover. Pushing the content on the website is so important. Populating your website with good quality content will increase the traffic. The impact would be multiplied if other pages are off with no activity.

Branding has nothing to do with SEO

Branding is an important element of the SEO. Having brand visibility has a stronger impact. It builds a brand recall which increase traffic for the website. The domain authority is improved by the Brand name anchor links help; also it leads to improve the rankings of the website.

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