5 tips To Push your Comfort Zone

5 tips To Push your Comfort Zone

The comfort zones are the space created by people over the years where their activities and actions perfectly fit into their usual lives that reduce risk and stress. Comfort zones is a place that makes us feel safe, which in turn make us happy because we experience lower nervousness and strain levels.

However, staying all the time in this comfort zone will create a stable level of performance and prevents you to improve your performance, thereby in order to make the most of the performance we need to be in a comparative state of anxiety. This state is called ideal anxiety and it stays just outside of our comfort zone

Here are just some of the way to get out of your comfort zone to touch the pinnacle:

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a great way to help you getting rid of the stress in business or job by reforming yourself. It is a great healer for your mind, body, and soul. As an entrepreneur, you always face situations where you need to think quickly and process numerous pieces of information at the same time. Mindfulness meditation will help you upsurge your capability and focus to think with a sense of lucidity that leads to improved decision-making.

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Rehearse public speaking

The fear from public speaking is one of the most common things that can be out of some people’ comfort zones. However, if you are really willing to be successful, exclusively as an entrepreneur. You need to get used to public speaking. Whether it is about inspiring employees, pitching or speaking at the networking meeting, public speaking will always be a part your career as an entrepreneur.

The art of saying “no”

Everyone one had difficulties saying no, especially when it comes to business and work. Researches have proved that the more trouble you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, exhaustion, and misery. Saying no might be a big challenge for you and for many other people, but saying it will allow you to have the time to be more devoted to pre-existing obligations and promises.

Learn to negotiate in a better way

A huge fragment of being a successful entrepreneur is to know the art of negotiation which can be one of the most uncomfortable things. Not everyone in business is bold or entitled enough to negotiate, even when the other party involved may expect you too. It can be alluring to take a subpar contract or deal just because it is better than nothing, or better than being forbidden if you attempt to negotiate something better. But knowing your worth and fighting for it is significant and will help you reach the pinnacle.

Pursue mentorship

Mentoring is a valued asset for an entrepreneur. Having a person by your side that has similar experiences before can help with your business, and help you work through phases of your career. The most difficult part is requesting someone to be your guide or mentor, and even permitting yourself to open up and believe someone else with helping guide you and your enterprises. However, mentorship can be one of your most treasured business assets so make sure you take this move.

Try to take yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to grow as an entrepreneur. When you walk on this way, you would realize and discover a different and new you, and it can be even more amazing for your job and business.

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